Dear Friends of the Cultural Forum,         

With Russia, by surface area the biggest country in the world, and Belarus, the Cultural Forum Moscow serves and cares for cultural countries, which have since long been producing an overbording amount of cultural output and scientific achievements.

One of the main functions of the Austrian Cultural Forum is to support todays cultural and scientific exchange, to maintain existing partnerships and to forge new ones.

The interest of artists, students and scientists in both countries is as great as ever and the Cultural Forum supports the discourse and their curiosity of one another and funds and kindles concrete projects wherever possible.

The Cultural Forum intends to be a centre of excellence for the cultural and scientific exchange, an interface for artists of all three countries that on the one hand gives Austrian artists the possibility to meet a new audience in Russia and Belarus and that invites the people in our host countries to take part in the rich and diverse culture industry of Austria on the other hand.

The website of the Cultural Forum plays a central role in providing an overview of the numerous cultural and scientific events and diverse projects in Austria. Conversely, the Austrian User ought to be able to get an introduction of the cultural life in Russia and Belarus, extract relevant information and identify potential contact persons.

The small but dedicated team of the Cultural Forum is looking forward to your request and hopes to be of good service!

Simon Mraz, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow and his team.