Event:The festival of light art UNDARK
Start: Sat, 21 December, 2019
End: Sun, 22 December, 2019
City: Ekaterinburg
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

The festival Undark has been held in Ekaterinburg since 2011. During two longest night of the year light installations of Russian and foreign artists appear in the city. They extend the day and make the night brighter. The festival aims to become a part of regional identity through non-standard playing out of the harsh Ural climate, and also draws attention to the problem of the monotony of life of typified urban buildings and the artistic possibilities of the world, which can overcome everyday life, which oppresses the urban environment.

Date, time, place:


Ekaterinburg. Uktus district, New quarter “Shishim Hill” and a natural park with a ski resort.

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Organizers of the project:​​​​​​​

Foundation «Cultural Transit»

Yekaterinburg Academy of Modern Art

Fund of Presidential grants