Start: Thu, 05 February, 2015
End: Sun, 08 March, 2015
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

“MSK East Side Gallery” presents “ERASER” a debut joint exhibition by Moscow based photographer Slava Filippov and Viennese artist Mario Nubauer who make collaborative works with Mario physically manipulating Slava’s digital images.

Mario Nubauer manages playfully to create an own private universe of images out of references from popular and high culture. He creates a reference framework that equally draws from car magazines and their fetishisms, as well as the consumer culture in general and especially the field of luxury goods. Despite showing a high flexibility in the choice of his motifs, he developed a unique painterly style in the last few years.Taking always painting as a starting point he stretched his mode of work to other medias, especially objects, in which he doesn’t refer only metaphorically to car culture, but really integrates materials from that field.

MSK Eastside Gallery
18, Perevedenovsky Lane, Moscow
Entrance 2,  building 10, 3rd  floor

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