Start: Wed, 22 April, 2015
End: Tue, 28 April, 2015
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

Austrian Cultural Forum, Art-Community CoolConnections, and Documentary Film Center

supported by the Raiffeisenbank, and Advantage Austria,




22. – 28. April

Documentary Film Center

Zubovski bulvar 2

The fourth Austrian Film Festival will consist of two parts: The “New Films from Austria” and the program “Workingman’s Death” at the Centre for Documentary Films. 

New Austrian Film: laughter, blood and psychoanalysis

 The first part will contain four extraordinary movies of Freud’s home country. Three of them will commemorate Sigmund Freund as they are aiming to make the national asset - the psychoanalysis – an object of trenchant jokes. The horror comedy "The Vampire On The Couch" sends the enamored Nosferatu to the comfortable practice of a psychoanalyst; with the help of psychoanalysis, the social comedy "Super-Ego and You" changes life and character of a simple petty criminal; the tragicomedy "The Eternal Life", one of the largest art-house hits this spring, teaches a suicidal person psychoanalytic sessions. The magnificent documentary "The Great Museum" strikes a new path, for it is about a lively journey through culture, memory and the present. 

The second part of the festival within the Austrian film week “Workingman’s Death” is dedicated to a common theme "Labour and man". The program will consist of both Austrian and Russian documentaries. 

All films will be demonstrated in original language with Russian subtitles.  

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PROGRAMM of the festival.

Tickets can bought online of the official website of Арт-объединение CoolConnections