Event:Book launch „The Child of Liberation“ by Eleonore Dupuis
Start: Tue, 26 April, 2016
End: Tue, 26 April, 2016
City: Moscow
Category: Education / Science / Language

Place and time:

26.04.2016 at 4 p.m.

Russian State University for the Humanities Building 7, Room 228.


Eleanore Dupuis will present her book „The Child of Liberation“.

The author Eleonore Dupuis, who was born and grew up in St. Pölten, tells excitingly and informatively about her almost 20 years search for her father. Only after the death of her mother the daughter of an Austrian woman and a soldier of the Soviet occupying forces sets out on a search for her own roots. During her innumerous trips to Russia she is looking for the traces of her father in various archives. She appears on TV shows, writes to the International Red Cross, the Russian Communist Party and even to the FSB secret service. In the course of her research Dupuis becomes more and more familiar with culture, people and the language of her father´s country. The search for the origins becomes the search for the own identity. 

Partners: Russian State University for the Humanities and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute