Start: Thu, 24 March, 2016
End: Thu, 24 March, 2016
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

Place and time:

24 March 2016

at 7:30 pm

CCI Fabrika –

105082 Moscow

Perevedenovsky Pereulok, 18



Book launch and film screening MEN’S CHOICE

GAZPROM CITY – a report about life at the other end of the gas pipeline

Book launch and film screening MEN’S CHOICE

What connects Europe to a city in the polar circle? The Gazprom company exploits the gas fields around Novy Urengoy. More than half of the natural gas extracted in Russia is produced there. A substantial portion of this gas is exported to European countries.

The book describes life in Russia’s natural gas capital Novy Urengoy - a city in Western Siberia. Daily routines in the company town are depicted on the basis of on-site impressions but especially through personal stories of the inhabitants of Novy Urengoy.

The book GAZPROM CITY was launched with great success in Vienna in December 2015. The Editors, Sophie Panzer und Christina Simmel, are very pleased to present the book in Moscow.

As part of the presentation the film MEN’S CHOICE will be shown.

The film tells the stories of Russian men, who leave their families for a long period of time, in order to work in the Far North in the extractive industry and earn good money. A tough choice, but the only chance to support their families and live a decent life.

The director Elena Demidova and the producer Vladislav Ketkovich will join the event.