Event:Traditional celebration of Christmas in Austrian library
Start: Tue, 19 December, 2017
End: Tue, 19 December, 2017
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

The Austrian cultural forum in cooperation with the Austrian library are happy to invite you to the Celebration of Christmas.

Evening programme:

1. Demonstration of documentaries and stories of native speakers about the customs and traditions of Christmas celebration in Austria and Germany;

2. Quiz on "What do You know about Christmas in Austria and Germany?"

3. A small but wonderful concert.

4. The results of the contest of Christmas cakes, calendars and crafts;

5. A ceremony of awarding the winners

If You want to takeYour colleagues, students or friends, the non-readers of our library with you, please let us know before the 16th of November by phone or email (oesterreich-bibl@mail.ru).

ATTENTION! By order of the leadership of the University to entrance to the library will be allowed only according to the participants list. Therefore, we kindly ask You to send your application (full name) or lists in advance. The deadline for applications will end on 18 th Dec (Monday) at 14:00.


Ostozhenka, 38, auditorium 57