Event:ACOUSMONIUM Festival - Festival of New Music
Start: Fri, 06 July, 2018
End: Sun, 08 July, 2018
City: Saint Petersburg
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

In July 2018, the New Stage of the Alexandrinski Theater will host an international festival dedicated to one of the most important musical genres of the 20th century - the Akusmatik. Originated in France in the late 1940s, in 1974 she received her instrument, the Akusmonium, which was developed by the composer François Bayle together with "fellow thinkers" at the GRM Center in Paris. This "loudspeaker orchestra" is configured of loudspeakers from different directions and amplification frequency characteristics, making it possible to play and perceive music as dimensional spatial matter. From Austria: Thomas Gorbach, Martina Claussen, Burkhard Stangl and Volkmar Klien.

Curator of the Festival - Anton Iakhontov (Patrick K.-H.) of the Floating Sound Gallery, curator of the Austrian program -

Thomas Gorbach of The Acousmatic Project (Vienna), curator of the French program - Daniel Teruggi of GRM (Paris).