Event:“KRFTWRK” by Rainer Prohaska
Start: Sat, 21 September, 2013
End: Sun, 20 October, 2013
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

In cooperation of: BMUKK (Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture) and All-Russian Decorative Applied and Folk Art Museum Moscow

 As part of the 5th Moscow Biennale 2013 Rainer Prohaska has been commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture to carry out his project entitled “KRFTWRK”.

Following the successful co-operation between the BMUKK and the Cultural Forum in Moscow during the 4th Moscow Biennale in 2011, this is another joint venture as part of the 5th Moscow Biennale. “KRFTWRK” Moscow is a cross-media project incorporating installation, architecture, digital media and the visual arts. The installation is designed to represent a storage power plant operated by people.

A common theme running through the works of Rainer Prohaska is his passion for experimenting with processes of everyday life. His creative output showcases processes in which there is now a deficit of passion and attention on the part of the people involved. In recent years these hands-on, interactive works addressing processes such as cooking, mobility or the erection of edifices have been on show in Toronto (Luminato Festival), Los Angeles (MAK-Center), Beijing, Seoul, New Delhi, New York and Vienna. His work method rarely comprises the quality of a finished and definitive state; rather, the fun and pleasure of reaching that state, combined with the positive achievements of the change itself.

Besides a current topical focus on the implementation of architecture performances, there is a series dedicated to energy generation and wastefulness in industrial countries and threshold countries.

For the Moscow Biennale 2013 Prohaska has created an installation ironically and playfully dedicated to this theme as part of the “KRFTWRK” series. It is a technical installation in which water has to be pumped up into an elevated tank by the public. The liquid inside the elevated tank becomes stored energy that is regularly drained in order to drive a turbine connected to a generator. With the electricity produced by the generator the installation illuminates itself, which means that if the visitors choose not to participate, the work itself remains barely visible.

The pleasure of experimenting, of developing technical possibilities and, above all, of involving visitors in the artistic output are all aspects of the common theme running through the work of Austrian artist Rainer Prohaska. His concept of picking up on processes of everyday life, transforming them, and presenting them as altered reality in performances and visual works is elementary; they are regularly showcased in his works for the Toy Kit Architectures, cooking performances and cross-media projects.

Rainer Prohaska creates artistic settings for a social exchange, but more importantly his aim is to convey a physically palpable and visible aesthetic experience. The process itself is elementary, less so the fast, finished ‘product’.

For the Moscow Biennale 2013 he has planned an installation that takes an ironic and playful look at the problems of energy generation and wastefulness in industrial nations, but also at the growing obesity problem and lack of exercise among the population at large, as a call for action.

The level at which visitors enter the room with the installation also represents the floor area of the installation and is equipped with modified fitness apparatus serving as water pumps. As soon as the visitors operate the apparatus, water is pumped from low-level tanks into elevated tanks where it can then be stored as potential energy. When the water is drained, it drives a main Pelton turbine that is connected to a generator. The generator itself supplies electricity to a circuit, which means the actions of a single visitor are enough to illuminate the entire installation.

The aim of “KRFTWRK” is to use artistic measures to raise awareness.

Curators: Daria Kravtshuk, Karin Zimmer

Opening: 20th of September 2013, 7 pm

Duration of the exhibition: 21st of September – 20th of October


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