Event:Lectures by Martin Leidenfrost „Expedition Europa“ and investigation on the theme of Moscow periphery
Start: Mon, 17 September, 2018
End: Sat, 29 September, 2018
City: different cities of Russia
Category: Education / Science / Language

Martin Leidenfrost, born in 1972, Lower Austrian, lived in Vienna for twelve years and in the Slovakian housing estate Devínska Nová Ves for twelve years, interrupted by extended stays in Berlin, Kiev, Brussels and Kishinau.

The European journalist, screenplay writer and columnist lives and works today in Burgenland. Book publications: "Die Welt hinter Wien", "Die Tote im Fluss", "Brüssel zartherb", "Expedition Europa", "Lesereise Graubünden".

Leidenfrost has been traveling the post-soviet space since 2011, most often Ukraine and Moldova. He speaks Russian and will mainly read post-soviet texts from his reportage collection “Expedition Europe” on his Russian reading tour. Quote from the blurb: „Leidenfrost follows the footsteps of euthanized Belgian transsexuals and through self-immolation dead Bulgarians. He comes across the last fighter for democracy in Liechtenstein and a war-experienced Cossack in Transnistria. When Pakistanis marry Slovak Romni in Glasgow and Serbian highland farmers have a crush on Albanian brides, he notices and follows their paths. He finds the most perfect European in a ditch near Marseilles. And at home in the prefabricated house finds love.”


Lecture at Austrian library hall in Volgograd

Prospekt imeni Lenina, 27



Lecture at Austrian library in Moscow

Ostozhenka 38 – 57



Lecture at Austrian library hall in Magnitogorsk

Prospekt Lenina, 38



Lecture at Austrian library in Ekaterinburg

Mamina-Sibirjaka, 193



Lecture at Austrian library in Higher School of Economics in Nizhnij Novgorod

B.Petscherskaja 25/12, aud. 027