Event:sound:frame exhibition «collective»
Start: Sat, 18 May, 2013
End: Wed, 26 June, 2013
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

A collaboration of sound:frame, Museum of Screen Culture / MediaArtLab Centre for Art and Culture, Vienna Tourist Board and the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow


With support of: City of Vienna


Vienna developed being the Capitol of Screening Art, Visuals, Projectionism and Audiovisual Art. A high number of artists work in the field of combining visuals and music in media art. Since 2007 the sound:frame festival Vienna deals with  audiovisual expressions within an artistic and club-oriented context. Each year intercreativity and collaborations between numerous artists and theorists from various areas such as visual art, media art, architecture and music provide the framework for sound:frame’s thematic focus. 

Under the 2013 festival theme “collective” sound:frame deals with networks, artist collectives, interdisciplinary teamwork and international collaborations.

In collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow, the City of Vienna and the Vienna Tourist Board sound:frame shows parts of its programme in Moscow.

Together with the Museum of Screen Culture sound:frame elaborates an audiovisual art exhibition such as an educational and a live performance programme for a broad and open Russian and international public.

In the exhibition space of the Museum of Screen Culture / MediaArtLab Centre for Art and Culturethree installations are shown.

  1. LWZ collective (Vienna) – RING GING BLING
  2. Luma.Launisch (Vienna) – 60 Seconds Somewhere
  3. sound:frame Festival projects

Curator: Eva Fischer (sound:frame, Vienna)

Artists: Markus Harthum (Vienna), Woeishi Lean (Vienna), Martin Lorenz (LWZ, Vienna), Sebastian Pataki (Amsterdam), Stefan Salcher (LWZ, Vienna), Tobias Schererbauer (LWZ, Vienna), Markus Wagner (LWZ, Vienna), Astrid Steiner (Luma.Launisch, London), Florian Tanzer (Luma.Launisch, Vienna)

Opening: 17th of May

Duration of the exhibition: 18th of May – 26th of June 2013


Manege Exhibition Hall

Moscow, Ul. Manezhnaya, 1

Tel.: +7 (495) 645 9277





VIENNA Art Night


18th of May 2013

Beginning: 24:00

Venue: MANEGE. Museum and Exhibition Complex, 3rd Floor



Elektro Guzzi – live (Macro, Вена) – tbc.

CID RIM – live (Affine Records, Вена)

Anna Leiser (bebop rodeo/sound:frame, Вена)

Nicole Jae – live (sound:frame, Vienna)


Live visuals:

LWZ (sound:frame, Vienna)

Luma.Launisch (sound:frame, Vienna)

e:v/a (sound:frame, Vienna)



sound:frame: 2013.soundframe.at

LWZ: www.wearelwz.com

Luma.Launisch: www.luma.launisch.at