Event:Start of artistic project "Odnushka"
Start: Wed, 01 May, 2019
End: Sun, 27 October, 2019
City: Moskau
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

Start of artistic project "Odnushka"

Odnushka is a social sculpture in ex-sales office of Novo-Molokovo district. Being a meeting place with cultural program «Odnushka» at the same time explores the experiences of people in modern conditions of new living districts, where everything starts over – renovation, friends, family, daily routes, space for chill out, habits.

From May till October 2019 in Odnushka a lot of different activities will take place - lectures, workshops, cinema screenings. Moreover it will be also an art-residence.

Timetable of activities in Odnushka from the 1st till the 7th of May 2019:

1 May 
18.00 Projects´s opening

2 May 15.00 Lecture "How art bekomes friends with people" by Elena Ishenko (curator)
17.00 Discussion "What to do in "Odnushka"

3 May 13.00 Draw your neighbor
16.00 Neighbor shows cartoons

4 May 13.00 Day of Georgian food (and culture) joint with Georgian bakery "Bidgo"
19.00 Neighbor shows Georgian cinema

5 May 16.00 Lecture "From furnitured rooms to odnushkas" by artist Elena Kolesnikova

6 May 16.00 Art-school from Kasimir Malevitch to Marlen Duma
20.00 Neighbor shows cinema

7 May 13.00 Odnuska is the best present 
18.00 Party

«Odnushka» in Novo-Mokovo is part of annual social project of Austrian cultural forum «Na RAjONE. Cultural and artistic dynamics between city center, districts and peripherie ». 

District Novo-Molokovo, crossing of Volodarskogo Prospekt and Vasilia Molokova St.

More about the project:

​​​​​https://www.instagram.com/odnushka_residency/ https://vk.com/cc_novomolokovo

Artist of the project:
Elena Kolesnikova

Curator of the project:
Elena Ishenko

Production support:

Aksenov Family Foundation​​​​​​​

All events are free of charge and suit for all family members