Event:“Beyond the Seeing” – Art brings together the Blind and Sighted
Start: Thu, 28 November, 2013
End: Sun, 12 January, 2014
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

BEYOND THE SEEING” – Art brings together the Blind and Sighted

A joint project by the Benedictine Admont Monastery, Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow and WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art

Opening: 27th of November 2013, 6 pm

General sponsors: Raiffeisen, Russian Machines

With support of: Julius Meinl, Federal State of Styria, Department of Social Protection for the Moscow City Population, Fielmann AG

The exhibition “Beyond Seeing” features works of art from the international collection of the famous Benedictine Admont Monastery in Austria.

The Admont Abbey has amassed one of Austria´s most important collections of contemporary art. For this exhibition, it will show one of its most prominent projects, "Beyond Seeing" for the first time outside of Austria. A monastery of the Benedictine order, the Admont Abbey was founded in 1074 and is one of the oldest monasteries in Austria.

The exhibition project presented in the Red Hall of WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art will showcase sculptures, multimedia objects, photographs and works involving Braille alphabet, which all together can only be deciphered through a dialogue between seeing and non-seeing visitors."

The project was first envisioned 11 years ago when, in 2002, the Admont Monastery commissioned 25 artists through its “collection in progress” project to create works designed specifically for an exhibition titled “Beyond  Seeing.” The exhibition is intended for blind, visually impaired and seeing visitors alike.

The works in the exhibition are united by a central focus on the non-visual experience of art. Each object is perceived differently by seeing and non-seeing individuals. At the same time, each piece has its own artistic form that speaks to the aim of the project; this renders these objects, paintings, installations and multimedia works visually diverse and gives each one a unique, often striking aesthetic. Many of the works can be touched, listened to and even sniffed, which makes this art accessible—perhaps even familiar—to non-seeing individuals. Seeing visitors, in turn, will come face-to-face with an entirely new and unexpected side of art, and will have an opportunity to imagine how the world of blind people “looks.“

Artists: Yuri Albert, Thomas Baumann, Wolfgang Becksteiner, Adi Brunner, Hannelore Demel-Lerchster, Johannes Deutsch, Heribert Friedl, Matthias Gommel, Michael Gumhold, Stefan Gyurko, Maria Hahnenkamp, Julie Hayward, Tomas Hoke, Anna Jermolaewa, Karl Karner, Michael Kienzer, Karl Leitgeb, Michael Maier, David Moises, Werner Reiterer, Constanze Ruhm, Emil Siemeister, Gustav Troger, Norbert Trummer, Martin Walde, Hans Winkler, Fabio Zolly.

Opening: 27th of November 2013, 6 pm

Public Talk with Curators: 28th of November 2013, 8 pm

Duration of the exhibition: 28th of November 2013 –  12th January 2014

EVERY SUNDAY 2 pm: FREE TOUR with Natalia Samkova (Curator, Moscow)


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