Event:From Pannonia to Novosibirsk
Start: Sat, 22 February, 2014
End: Sun, 20 April, 2014
City: Novosibirsk
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

From Pannonia to Novosibirsk

Landscapes of Pannonia in vibrant colours – a cycle of paintings by Hermine Kracher  

A collaboration of: Novosibirsk Art Museum, Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow

With support of: Federal State of Burgenland, Municipality Andau, forwarding company Zdenko Dworak, wines Hannes Reh , wines Zantho, Raiffeisen

The cultural landscape of the Neusiedler See National Park is quite unique, and it exerts a great fascination on the painter Hermine Kracher. Her paintings capture her impressions of this natural paradise of rare beauty. Harmonious mood-filled watercolours feature images of reality conveyed through colours and shapes, at times in transparently light, diaphanous shades in playfully casual brushstrokes, at others in vigorous explosions of colour applied with a strong, rich palette.

Her love and enthusiasm for colours is palpable in the bright reds of the poppy fields, the yellows of the rape fields, the lavender hues of the thistle landscapes, the autumnal tones of the colourful vineyards, and the blue-green shades of the lake settings. The thematic emphasis is on the landscape – the soil, the earth, the plants, the birds and the water – and the skies filled with clouds, light and sunshine.

In her oversized digital prints Hermine Kracher picks out individual details – motifs from watercolours which in turn become image compositions in their own right while still referring back to the originals.

The captions, details and impressions showcase the magic of the Seewinkel landscape and highlight the bright burning glow of the sun in the Burgenland – all transposed to the midst of the Siberian winter in Novosibirsk.

What contrasts, but above all what common ground do we sense as we travel down this shared stretch of the way – from Pannonia to Siberia – along the paths of art and culture and across the powerful potential of Nature’s beauty?

It is the vast expanse of the landscapes, the ability to see them, to make them see, and to let them see.

That is Hermine Kracher’s message. Therein lies our inner wealth, the wealth that enriches us, shapes us and forms us.

Opening: 21 February 2014, 5 pm

Duration of the exhibition: 22 February – 20 April 2014

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