Event:21st Music Festival “Stars of the White Nights”. Concert „The Philharmonics”
Start: Mon, 01 July, 2013
End: Mon, 01 July, 2013
City: St. Petersburg
Category: Music

21st Music Festival “Stars of the White Nights”

Concert „The Philharmonics”

Take four members of the Vienna Philharmonic, one member of the Berlin Philharmonic and add two exceptionally talented brothers: together they form one of the most exciting ensembles in the world of music today ‒ “The Philharmonics”.

Their virtuoso, crowd-pulling performances are informed by the sound culture and great music-making tradition of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The seven musicians lend their classical sound, phrasing and virtuosity to the inexhaustible treasures of folk music, ethnic inspirations, intriguing dances, and the delights of improvisation. They perform classical pieces (and have arranged large orchestrated pieces to stunning effect). They have also explored the roots of classical music in the folk music of Vienna and the Balkans, and in the traditions of klezmer and gypsy music (which could still be referred as such at the time). Nor have they allowed themselves to be confined by the boundaries of European music making. “The Philharmonics”are also masters of tango and Latin jazz, which in turn have inspired key works of 20th century classical music. At their concerts in Vienna and at festivals in Essen and Paris “The Philharmonics”have delighted audiences and critics alike. In June 2013 “The Philharmonics”will be performing with the Mariinsky Orchestra of Saint Petersburg at the international festival Stars of the White Nights” 2013.


1st of July


Mariinsky Theatre Second Stage

Saint Petersburg, Dekabristov, 34a

Tel: +7 (812) 326 4141