Event:Guest performance by the Theater “Drachengasse” featuring the play “ODESSA”
Start: Thu, 12 September, 2013
End: Thu, 12 September, 2013
City: Irkutsk
Category: Theater

Guest performance by the Theater “Drachengasse” featuring the play “ODESSA” 

At the “Vampilov” theatre festival from 22nd – 28th of September 2013

With support of: Cultural Department of the city of Vienna, Raiffeisenbank

“Odessa” is a love story and, like all love stories, it is not just about the happiness of affection, but also about illusion, deception and lies. What makes “Odessa” so special is the age of the lovers, both of whom are well over sixty, and the time and place of the plot: Vienna in 1945 and Odessa in 1995.

They met in Vienna under the occupation in 1945: Boris, a soldier in the Soviet occupying forces, and Hanna, a young Viennese woman. There ensued a love affair that could not be, and must not be.

Fifty years later the past catches up with both Hanna and Boris. Long forgotten horrors of the post-war period are roused in their memory, and the bitter end to their first love is rekindled to new life.

The past gradually gives way to the present amid the morbid beauty of the Odessa setting. A new love, fragile, unbelievable and wonderful, grows between Hanna and Boris.

12th of September 2013, at 7.30 p.m

Academic drama theatre Irkutsk

Irkutsk, Ul. Karla Marksa 14

Tel.: +7 (3952) 200 479