Event:Toihaus Children’s Theatre Salzburg performs “Blubb. Stories to dip into”
Start: Sun, 27 April, 2014
End: Sun, 27 April, 2014
City: Yaroslavl
Category: Theater

Toihaus Children’s Theatre Salzburg performs “Blubb. Stories to dip into”

With support of: Raiffeisenbank

For the past 30 years the Toihaus Theatre Salzburg, which is located in the heart of Salzburg’s old city centre, has been staging productions for adults and the very youngest of audiences (aged 1½ to 5 years). This international ensemble of 12 dancers, actors and musicians puts on around 10 productions a year, featuring a mix of theatre, dance, music, sound and image combining into a poetic performance.

The Toihaus Theatre is Europe’s leading exponent of theatre for the very youngest. Every two years the Theatre organises the international “BIM BAM” theatre festival for the youngest audiences.

The focus of its children’s productions is on dance and live music. The stories told are particularly sensitive, designed to inspire children to discover “the new”.

“Blubb. Stories to dip into”

“Blubb” is a production that brings to life all the things children are familiar with (their playrooms, books, cuddly toys). Together with the children, the three performers embark on a personal journey through an ordinary day. Originally conceived for kindergartens the production now also encompasses theatres and libraries.

Featuring: Yoko Yagihara (accordion/idea), Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger (violin), Julia Schwarzbach (dance), Katharina Schrott (choreographic accompaniment), Myrto Dimitriadou (director), Irene Edenhofer-Welzl (costumes), Herbert Pascher (musical production)

27th of April 2014

Beginning of performances at 10 a.m and 12 a.m

Cultural centre ”Dobrinin”

Yaroslavl, Ul. Lenina, 24a

Tel.: +7 (4852) 732 610