Event:Guest performance by Vienna’s Burgtheater as part of the Chekhov Festival in Moscow
Start: Fri, 31 May, 2013
End: Sun, 02 June, 2013
City: Moscow
Category: Theater

Guest performance by Vienna’s Burgtheater as part of the Chekhov Festival in Moscow

The Burgtheater presents “Harmonia Caelestis”, a play based on the novel by Péter Esterházy


With support of: Plasser & Theurer, Austrian Airlines

“Harmonia Caelestis”

Numbered sentences from the life of the Esterházy family

Music theatre by Péter Esterházy

“To exist means building a past for oneself” – this is a key passage in Esterházy’s novel retracing the footsteps of his illustrious aristocratic family, who were dispossessed by the Communists in 1951.

At the centre is the legend of his father and also that of the father figure in western culture in general. The author expertly dispatches this essential legend of our culture through various centuries, historical events and family novels written long ago, playfully questioning their veracity. David Marton, who views music as a discrete means of exploring reality, caused quite a stir internationally with his associative music theatre narrative. Marton’s production focuses on the First Book of the monumental novel “Harmonia Caelestis”, which is entirely in keeping with the fragmented narrative style. Together with singers, actors and musicians he sets off on a quest for a polyphonic meeting of minds between Haydn and Bartók, the Empress Maria Theresa and Lady Di, the baroque and the modern.

Director: David Marton

Musical direction and arrangements: Jan Czajkowski

Sets: Alissa Kolbusch

By and with: Yelena Kuljic (vocals), Nurit Stark (violin), Bettina Stucky, Paul Brody (trumpet), Jan Czajkowski (keyboards), Johann Ebert (soprano), Philipp Hauß, Peter Matić.

Duration of the performance: approx. 2 hours (no interval). 123

31st of Mai – 2nd of Juni 2013

Beginning at 7 p.m.

The Teatrium on Serpuhovka

Moscow, Ul. Pavlovskaya, 6

Тел.: +7 (499) 237 1689