Event:ASK GELITIN WHY: the incredible Q&A night
Start: Tue, 25 June, 2013
End: Tue, 25 June, 2013
City: Moscow
Category: Education / Science / Language

ASK GELITIN WHY: the incredible Q&A night 

With support of: Raiffeisenbank, Russian Machines


Gelitin is one of the biggest stars in the contemporary art world, a group of artists that continues to successfully develop the concepts and ideas of Dada, injecting the relative and the humorous into contemporary art to the level of the sacred and canonical.

The National Gallery on Solyanka continues its tradition of disclosing the top names of contemporary art in Moscow from around the world, after Jeremy Deller (U.K.) and Segal Landau (Israel). Solyanka, the only museum in Russia that is driven by the arts, features a collection of new works from Gelitin, a group of amazing improvisers, with the works mostly created especially for the Solyanka VPA project.

25th of June 2013

Solyanka State Gallery

Moscow, ul. Soyanka, ½ side 2

Tel.: +7 (495) 621 5572