Event:Events at the Volgograd State Social Pedagogical University
Start: Tue, 22 April, 2014
End: Wed, 23 April, 2014
City: Volgograd
Category: Education / Science / Language

Events at the Volgograd State Social Pedagogical University

Opening of the Austrian Reading Room by the General Director of the Austrian National Library Johanna Rachinger

Austrian Days: advanced training courses for German teachers by Austrian Federal Ministry of education, the arts and culture

With support of: Raiffeisenbank

The Centre for Austrian Culture (CfAC) at the State Social Pedagogical University Volgograd (SSPUV) was inaugurated on 1 June 2011. Its main activities include elaborating projects, providing native German language courses for Russian students, imparting Austrian and Russian culture, and thereby raising awareness of the cultural particularities of both countries. Besides projects and hours spent working with students the Centre also organises events and workshops for German teachers.

With the help of Austrian colleagues the CfAC has been able to expand its stock of fiction literature, textbooks and scientific reference books.

In February 2011 the Cultural Forum presented the CfAC with 150 books of different genres made available by Austrian libraries.

The Austrian Reading Room was set up in 2012. The library project was sponsored by the Director General of the Austrian National Library (ÖNB), Johanna Rachinger.

On 13 February 2013 the first books for the Austrian Reading Room of the SSPUW were handed over as the standard basic equipment for 2012 and 2013 at the ÖNB (a total of 400 books including representative volumes on Austrian culture, history, architecture, 300 academic publications relating to Austria, 50 children’s books; a further 50 volumes are to be sent out in 2014 and 2015 respectively).

The Austrian Reading Room Volgograd is being set up as an integral part of the University Library; all the books will be entered in the electronic catalogue so they are accessible not just to the students and staff of the University, but also to all interested readers throughout the region. Theme-based exhibitions and presentations as well as readings and seminars for various target groups are also to be organised.

 Johanna Rachinger is to visit the State University on 22 and 23 April 2014. The following events are planned as part of her visit:

1. Official opening of the Austrian Reading Room at the State University and presentation of the standard equipment and amenities.

2. Presentation entitled “The Austrian National Library – Past and Present”

3. Readings and an exchange of experience on issues such as “Technologies for preserving books, particularly rarities”, “IT and libraries”, “Trends in modern Austrian literature”, “The role of libraries in today’s information society” and “How do libraries go about working with different target groups?”

4. Round-table discussions on subjects such as “Austria – Russia: the development of libraries as a contribution to the social and cultural education of young people” and “The reading tastes of young people in Austria and Russia today”.

5.  “Austrian days” at the SSPUV: Advanced training courses for German teachers in Russia by the Austrian Federal Ministry of education, the arts and culture.

22nd-23rd of April 2014

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