Event:Exhibition „Bits to Pieces“
Start: Wed, 18 September, 2013
End: Tue, 01 October, 2013
City: Moscow
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

Exhibition „Bits to Pieces“ 

„Bits to Pieces“ is a special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale for contemporary art and a project of the Austrian Cultural Season 2013/14

Organizers: Chair of Digital Art at the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna and the Institute for Issues of Contemporary Art Moscow

Opening in the Central House of Artists (Krimsky Val 10/14): 18th of September 2013, at 2 p.m

Duration of the exhibition: 18th of September 2013 - 1st of October 2013

They don´t print stories, they print art!

Simon Mraz, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow, about the project:

The trivial is never in short supply and, of course, genuinely exciting innovations are relatively rare, not to mention the durable or permanent.

Which is why the first exhibition joint venture between the Academy of Applied Arts and PSI is all the more satisfying. The drive and enthusiasm shown by all sides developed what was initially intended as a teacher exchange programme with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow, planned only a few months previously, and took it to the next level and the crux of the matter, namely an exhibition.

Nothing, not even the best of lectures, can be substitute the immediacy of engaging with works of art directly, and so I am delighted that we have achieved precisely that, all the more so as it is a special project at the 5th Moscow Biennale, featuring an impressive line-up of artists from Austria.

New forms of expression and production in art are the focal point of the current exploration. In actual fact, it was always thus; but now, with technology developing faster than ever before, artistic output is continually exposed to new horizons – and at a breathtaking pace.

The possibilities now available with 3D printing are one such trend and certainly one of the most exciting, given the ease with which it can be reproduced. Ruth Schnell, Head of the Chair for Digital Media, and Joseph Backstein, Commissioner of the Moscow Biennale, are certainly not printing any old thing: they’re printing art, and they have grasped this opportunity with both hands, not only by initiating a new, future-orientated partnership, but also by staging an exciting exhibition at its very inception. And the Austrian Cultural Forum is thrilled to be on board right from the very outset.