Event:Cancelled: READING BY RADEK KNAPP: The recommendations of Mr. Kuka
Start: Sat, 05 April, 2014
End: Sat, 05 April, 2014
City: St. Petersburg
Category: Education / Science / Language

ATTENTION: The Reading by Radek Knapp was cancelled!

Radek Knapp was born 1964 in Warsaw. He has been living in Vienna since 1976. He studied philosophy at the University Vienna. Since 1994 he has been working as an author. His most famous books were “Franio” (1994), “Duck à l´orange” (1996), “Paper tiger” (2003), “Instruction for Poland” (2005).

“The recommendations of Mr. Kuka”

“The recommendations of Mr. Kuka” (1999) is a funny and ironic novel about a young man, who moved from Poland to the “golden west”.  Before his departure to Vienna, he asks his neighbor Mr. Kuka for advice how to behave in the new society. Mr. Kuka is pleased to give his recommendations, but in real life, it turns out quite different.

In the tragic and funny novel, Radek Knapp shows us how his protagonist is confronted with funny, absurd, sad and romantic situations in his new surrounding in Vienna.

The reading will be in German with a translation into Russian.

When:              5th of April, 4 pm

Where:             Park of culture and readings

Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt 46