Event:Manifesta 10
Start: Sat, 28 June, 2014
End: Fri, 31 October, 2014
City: St. Petersburg
Category: Fine Arts / Multimedia / Film

 Manifesta 10: The European Biennale of Contemporary Art

The main objective of MANIFESTA 10 is to introduce contemporary art, with all its complexity and criticality, to the State Hermitage Museum. The Biennial is composed of the exhibition, which will be located in the General Staff Building and the Winter Palace, alongside a substantial public and education program.

MANIFESTA 10 will reflect on the changes that have taken place within art and society since the fall of the Berlin Wall, presenting highly varied artists’ positions, and taking into consideration the current geo-political situation. Two-thirds of the exhibition will be located in the General Staff Building — the Hermitage’s newly renovated wing of modern and contemporary art — and one-third will be in the Winter Palace.

More than thirty-five specially commissioned artworks and projects created by more than fifty-five international artists will be represented on the Biennale. MANIFESTA 10 is a complex exhibition and project, with participants aiming to grapple with all the possibilities that art offers, and that approach the breadth of perspectives that it presents and opens up. This exhibition aims to inspire discussion and raise questions. The artists in this edition of Manifesta were chosen because they represent, and have helped develop, key strands in contemporary art in the West and in Russia.

In a museum as historically diverse as the Hermitage, it was only fitting to select a diverse and complex array of contemporary positions.


The Austrian participation in MANIFESTA 10 includes presentations by three Austrian artists: Josef Dabernig, Otto Zitko, Maria Lassnig



When: 28 June— 31 October, 2014

Where: State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Specific locations:  

Josef Dabernig: General Staff Building, room 4A2 - 40

Otto Zitko: General Staff Building, room 4A2-44+45

Maria Lassnig: General Staff Building, room 4A2-46 (a)

Program: www.manifesta10.org