2018 Mikroton Recordings were celebrating their 10th anniversary and invited musicians  with whom they have worked together for a long time, to celebrate this date together in Moscow, Kaliningrad an Saint Petersburg. Every concert played a role of a laboratory, where sounds in the field of electric and experimental music are researched.

    The duo Chesterfield was founded 2007 by Angelica Castello and Burkhard

    Stangl. The duo already played their own compositions like „Tapes and Dreams“, which were accompanied by the video work of Billy Roisz and other artists, Besides the duo works in the field of improvisational music, they practice curatorial work and like to cook for their friends.

    Schnee. After years of acquaintance Burkhard Stangl and Christof Kunzmann founded the duo Schnee in 1999. They went to the Vienna Amann Studio and took a CD with four numbers, released on erstwhile records. Their first album, inspired by favourite movies as well as

    Robert Walsers poetical meditations, „set to music“ the prismatic glory including their smallest facets and compact crystal worlds and hit big waves in the world of improvised music, because they, at that time a rarity, brought the acoustic guitar and electronic sound manipulation into harmony. Schnee can now be considered as one of the longest interacting groups apply within the improvised music and as one of the most interesting, always experimenting Formations.

    Poisonous Frequencies. The Czech-Austrian Powertrio with Federsel and Petr Vrba, the czech improvisers and experimental musicians, and Didi Kern, an Austrian drummer, play a merciless combination from rock, noise and free improvisation. To make their sound even more threatening, Peter Vrba plays an electrified trumpet, Federsel uses a guitar sound that is almost forgotten, and Didi Kern hits the drums as if his life depends on it.






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