Festival of Music and Technologies SYNTHPOSIUM 2018


    The first Synthoposium took place in 2014 in the format of a Chamber exhibition for music technologies. Within 4 years the Synthposium has become a great event and is now the biggest independent festival in Eastern Europe. In 2018, the festival expanded its borders of the perception of technologies in context of contemporary art. The music programme included for the first time an audio-visual stage, as well as a modern academic. New jazz performer showed their work with technologies. As part of the Austrian-Russian Music year the audiovisual project Lightstorm took part in the festival.

    'Lightstorm' is a transdisciplinary art project created by Gregor Woschitz, Johannes Fiebich and Katharina Gruber in Linz, Austria. It evolved towards an open artist collective that explores new ways of experimenting with audiovisual compositing. The kinetic light installation extends from an understanding of immersive sound and light - pulsating visualizations of live generated sounds are surrounding the artists. These spheres are combined to a self-referential triad of light, performers and sound which opens up to the audience.






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