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Digital Museum. Museums during lockdown in Moscow and Vienna


Digital Museum, Picture: https://strelkamag.com/en/special/akfmo/digital-museum/
Digital Museum, Picture: https://strelkamag.com/en/special/akfmo/digital-museum/

The coronavirus pandemic turned the museum world upside down. During the strict lockdowns, galleries and museums closed for months, and the only way to stay connected to their audiences was to launch online projects. Although museums have returned to their usual routine, albeit with limitations, digital products are not going anywhere. In fact, they are gaining momentum with each passing day.

Strelka Mag and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow spoke with the directors and representatives of eight museums—four in Moscow and four in Vienna—to learn how they are handling these challenges and why people should still go to museums, even in the digital age.

Project partners:

Belvedere Museum
Albertina Museum
Leopold Museum
Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM)
Pushkin States Museum of Fine Arts
State Tretyakov Gallery
Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
Moscow Museum of Modern Art

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Video about past projects of the Austrian Cultural Forum

online | 31.12.15


Center for Creative Industries “Fabrika”, Moscow | 14.10.19


Movie Theatre Zvezda, Moscow | 16.10.19

NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER:“Where things live”

Museum of Industrial Culture, Moscow | 17.10.19

NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER:“Odnushka”- Art Residence and Sculpture Project in the Mikro-District Novo-Molokovo

Crossing of Volodarskoe highway and Vasily Molokov Street, Moscow | 18.10.19

NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER:Pasmur Rachuiko – Personal Exhibition "I like you"

Gogol Center, Moscow | 25.10.19

NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: Domestic Violence – Flat exhibition by Michèle Pagel

Austrian Cultural Forum Space | 26.10.19

NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: “Beyond the Center – districts and periphery seen by Russia artists and artistic district project by shift/Vienna recreated in Moscow”

ZIL Culture Center | 27.10.19

NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: “Social Housing in Vienna” - Exhibition about the history and current practice and strategy of social housing in Vienna

ZIL Culture Center, Moscow | 27.10.19

The Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Festival – “On Travelling, Matters of the Heart and Peripheries”

the Documentary Film Center, 2/7 Zubovsky Boulevard st., Moscow and online at Nonfiction.film | 10.03.21


Saint Petersburg | 19.04.21

Animated Film “Pangäa” in the Short Film Program (Into The Dark) of the ECOCUP festival

online on coolconnections play | 21.04.21

Digital concert Auner Quartet with Evgeni Sinaiski (piano)

online concert was recorded in the Ehrbar Saal in Vienna | 03.05.21

18th international Music Festival “Moscow meets friends”

online | 17.05.21

Charity concert at the Big Choral Synagogue in Saint Petersburg

Big Choral Synagogue, Saint Petersburg | 24.05.21

Online participation of the Austrian director and producer Nikolaus Geyrhalter as head of the “Main Competition” jury team at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer 2021

Cinema October, New Arbat 24, Moscow | 17.06.21

Vienna Music Film Festival

Ekaterinburg | 30.06.21

Reporting concert of the Reheard Ensemble “New Vienna School & today“.

Russia, Moscow, CCI Fabrika, Perevedenovsky pereulok 18 | 01.07.21

Gala-Concert of soloists of the Vienna State Opera accompanied by the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra

Krasnoyarsk regional philharmonic, pr. Mira 2B, Krasnoyarsk | 10.07.21

suitcase exhibition “Rubin Kazan”

Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan | 14.07.21