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FLORA Performing Arts meet fine art heritage. Take a fresh look at the Old Masters!


The “Flora” project in the St. Petersburg Hermitage is known in Austria under the title “Ganymed”, which is shown in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. The director Jacqueline Kornmüller and the producer and playwright Peter Wolf have invited outstanding writers and musicians from Austria, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Belarus and other countries to write texts and compositions for art pieces in the Hermitage. A team of 14 actors and dancers created performances that show a new interpretation of famous paintings. By involving the audience in their piece, the artists invite the audience to have a new artistic experience in a classical museum.

Partners of the project:

The State Hermitage museum

Austrian Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

artistic group wenn es so weit ist

Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow

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