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Inversia Festival


Inversia Festival, Picture: https://inversiafest.com
Inversia Festival, Picture: https://inversiafest.com

Inversia Festival unites diverse communities of artists and curators from Northwest Russia and Northern Europe in Murmansk to research the phenomena of geographical isolation and cultural exclusion and dispel the idea of darkness and remoteness as negative notions.

The planned live performance by the Austrian artist Katharina Ernst "Le temps, a solo for drums and metal objects in five states" as part of the festival has been postponed to the next year 2023 due to the current Covid situation.

Katharina Ernst is a Berlin-based drummer and artist. She combines such areas of art as dance, painting, music and installation. In her works, Katharina thinks of the multidimensionality of thinking and a look at things beyond the ordinary, relying on a polymetric composition. As for her project ‘’Le temps’’, Katharina Ernst describes the importance of rituals, which have their roots in the days of totemism and shamanism. The main role in the performance of the compositions is assigned to classical drums, as well as national Korean and noise instruments. In the center of the sound is a rich drum composition intertwined with simple light rhythms.

Organizers of the project:

Inversia Festival

The project is supported by:

Nordisk Kulturfond

Mikhail Prokhorov Fund

Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives

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