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Reporting concert of the Reheard Ensemble “New Vienna School & today”.


Poster concert Reheard Ensemble, picture: Anastasia Koshkina
Poster concert Reheard Ensemble, picture: Anastasia Koshkina

Curator Anastasia Koshkina invited the ensemble to prepare a conceptual program, including works by composers of the New Vienna School (Zweite / Neue Wiener Schule) - key Austrian composers of the early 20th century - as well as contemporary Austrian composers. The new Viennese school is a bright page not only in the history of Austrian, but also in world music, which largely determined the further vector of development of music in principle. It is all the more interesting, in the curator's opinion, to throw a bridge to the present and draw possible parallels between the musical heritage of the early 20th century and the 21st century.

As a result, we got a fairly compact program lasting about 1 hour:

Alban Berg - Adagio for violin, clarinet and piano. (Alisa Grazhevskaya, Andrey Yurgenson, Dmitry Batalov)

Beat Furrer - Invocation VI for soprano and bass flute (Alena Verin-Galitskaya, Alena Taran)

Anton Webern - 6 songs on poems by Georg Trakl op.14 for soprano and 4 instruments (Alexandra Turchenkova, Andrei Yurgenson, Ekaterina Shashiashvili (2nd clarinet), Alisa Grazhevskaya, Maria Lyubimova)

Klaus Lang - Robot in red for violin, cello and piano (Alisa Grazhevskaya, Maria Lyubimova, Dmitry Batalov)

Arnold Schoenberg - Fantasy for violin and piano op.47 (Alisa Grazhevskaya, Ulyana Lovchikova)

Olga Neuvirth - Spleen II for bass flute (Alena Taran)

Following the concept, composers were composed in pairs - “New Vienna School” and contemporary ones. The program involves both the "backbone" of the Reheard ensemble (a quintet consisting of piano, violin, flute, clarinet and cello), as well as several invited participants - for the greatest variety and quality of the program.

Reheard-Ensemble: Quintet consisting of Dmitry Batalov (piano), Alisa Grazhevskaya (violin), Aliona Taran (flute), Andrey Jurgenson (clarinet) and Maria Lyubimova (cello);

Elizaveta Korneeva - conductor

Invited participants - for the greatest possible variety and quality of the program: Alena Verin-Galitskaya (singer-soprano), Alexandra Turchenkova (singer-soprano), Ekaterina Shashiashvili (clarinet), Ulyana Lovchikova (piano)

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Russia, Moscow, CCI Fabrika, Perevedenovsky pereulok 18

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