online | 31.10.23–14.11.23

    European Film Festival

    European Film Festival
    Salzburg | 16.07.23–25.08.23

      The International Summer Academy in Salzburg presents the program for 2023

      The International Summer Academy in Salzburg presents the program for 2023
      Alpbach, Austria | 28.02.23–30.03.23
      • Ideas for a strong and democratic Europe

      EFA23 Scholarship Programme

      Picture: European Forum Alpbach
      Moscow | 23.11.22
      • Austrian literature

      Online reading with Peter Rosei

      Picture: Peter Rosei
      Barnaul, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow | 16.09.22–19.11.22
      • Sustainability

      Film Festival EcoDoc

      Picture: EcoDoc
      online | 31.12.21–30.12.22
      • online project

      Digital Museum. Museums during lockdown in Moscow and Vienna

      Digital Museum, Picture:
      11/17, Central Actor’s House named after A.A. Yablochkina, Arbat Str. 35 11/23, Slovak Institute in Moscow, 2-ya Brestskaya Str. 27 | 17.11.21–23.11.21
      • cinema
      • documentary film
      • music
      • classical music

      Screening of the russian premiere “Wired for Music. Inside the Wiener Symphoniker”

      Poster of the film "Wired for music. Inside the Wiener Symphoniker", picture: Kurt Mayer Film e.U.
      Saint Petersburg | 20.10.21–23.10.21

        Ars Electronica Animation Festival-2020 at the New stage of Alexandrinskij theater

        Ars Electronica Animation Festival-2020 in St. Petersburg, Picture: Alexandrinsky Theatre
        Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan | 14.07.21–22.07.21
        • exhibition
        • art

        suitcase exhibition “Rubin Kazan”

        suitcase exhibition “Rubin Kazan”, picture: Art Kolhoz
        online | 17.05.21–31.05.21

          18th international Music Festival “Moscow meets friends”

          18th International Music Festival “Moscow meets friends”, Picture: The Vladimir Spivakov Foundation
          ZIL Culture Center, Moscow | 27.10.19–18.11.19

            NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: “Social Housing in Vienna” — Exhibition about the history and current practice and strategy of social housing in Vienna

            NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: “Social Housing in Vienna” - Exhibition about the history and current practice and strategy of social housing in Vienna
            Movie Theatre Zvezda, Moscow | 16.10.19–16.10.19

              NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: “I am Moscow”

              NA RAjONE/BEYOND THE CENTER: “I am Moscow”
              Moscow | 07.06.19–07.06.19

                Lecture by Angelika Fitz Architectural crisis-management: save the planet

                Lecture by Angelika Fitz Architectural crisis-management: save the planet
                Moscow | 30.09.18–14.10.18


                  Moscow | 08.07.18–08.07.18



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